Going The Extra Mile For My Clients

Clever Marketing

For those of you that know me personally, you know that innovation in marketing is very important to me.  The way I “do” real estate is not the “same old thing”.   I constantly strive to come up with new ways to help my selling clients achieve their goals.  Whether you are selling now or in the future, you are going to love this new idea!

3D Virtual Tours – The Future of Real Estate Marketing

Thes amazing 3D interactive virtual tours allow buyers to walk around your home from their computer.  Buyers can really get  an understanding of your home before they book a showing.  This also helps with the many buyers who are not local – I have even had a buyer purchase a home on the back of the tour alone!  I am the first and most experienced agent in the local area to offer these amazing, cutting edge, interactive 3D models to showcase my listings – You saw it here first!

104 Westland View

Innovating Everyday

Along with this new venture, other areas of innovation in my marketing include:

Providing a multi-page individually designed property website for each of my listings:


Using large, bright and clear sign toppers with website details and a QR Code to advertise the website:

Your Westridge Home

High quality photographs. The next time you see a property listing with badly done photos, you know that an opportunity was missed to sell a home for all it was worth!


Individually designed, full colour in-home brochure…delivered on the day a listing goes live, not days or weeks later.

Selling-BrochuresIt is important to realise that every single piece of marketing that I do is individually designed, specifically for that home.  I do not use canned products to simulate any of the above.

If you or someone you know is thinking of selling a home in Okotoks, Calgary and other surrounding towns and areas, and you would like top quality marketing for your home, then give me a call, drop me an e-mail or fill out my contact form.  It would be great to hear from you.