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Buying: Your Needs & Wants

Consider the type of home, size, location, price etc that you think suits you.

I will set up property searches matching your criteria and price Needs-and-wants-imagerange, so you will be notified as soon as a match hits the market.

We can then draw up a list of properties you would like to take a look at.

Unique Home Marketing: Websites

Website 2I create a multi-page website from scratch, which gives rich information about your home. The website also includes area information, links to local schools and much, much more…

1. Over 90% of buyers start their home search on-line…so high quality on-line marketing is vital…my websites give you that

2. Not all buyers are local…my websites help sell homes, the lifestyle and the area, to people from near and far

3. The MLS® System limits you to 20 photos and a few words…my websites don’t


Buying: Financing

dollarIf you need a mortgage, contact a professional (I can recommend several, or you choose your own).

It is better to do this early on in the process so you can shop with confidence.

Buying: Property Search & Viewings

I will set up appointments for the homes on your list.Property-Search-Picture

I will show you as many homes as you wish, until you feel you are making a well informed choice.

I will encourage you to take your time. You will NEVER be pressured.

I would also suggest you don’t look at too many homes in one day as this can be overwhelming.

We will discuss the pros and cons of each home, which will help you to narrow down your selection.

Ideally, we would arrive at a short list of 2-3 properties.

Buying: Take A Second Look

Taking-a-second-look-picI would encourage you to take a really thorough second look at your short listed home or homes.

During this second showing, we will try to identify any flaws or defects.

Our goal is to inform your decision making. If you decide to proceed you will have a better appreciation of what you are buying. This will help you to budget for any work or repairs that may need to be done.

Buying: Writing An Offer

Writing-an-offer-(2)We will determine an offer price. I have access to a vast database of past property deals so we can often find good comparables to help determine a fair market price.

As we write the offer, we will include some terms and conditions to protect you. Every deal is different in this regard.

We will include a proposed possession date.

It is usual for a deposit cheque to accompany the offer (the amount will vary according to the transaction).

If a deal is agreed, the deposit will be held in the trust account of the selling brokerage (these accounts are heavily regulated to ensure proper management and security of funds). So long as you show good faith in trying to clear your conditions, your deposit will be returned if the conditions can’t be met. 


Buying: Home Inspection

I can suggest Home Inspectors, or you can choose your
I can arrange the Inspection appointment for you and, although I am not allowed to play a significant role, I will be present at the Inspection with you.
The Inspection will last around half a day and will give you a chance to have another really thorough look around the home with the Inspector.
You will be encouraged to make the most of the Home Inspector’s knowledge, to learn about your potential new home. They actively welcome your engagement.
Once you have read the Home Inspection Report and assuming you are happy with it, you will be ready to lift this condition from the contract.

Buying: Lifting Conditions

The contract will have specified a timeframe to work to in order to satisfy and lift your conditions from the contract. The most usual conditions are Financing and Home Inspection, but all contracts are different.

Once you are happy to release your conditions, I will ask you to sign a waiver of them and this will make the contract firm. You have bought a home!